Honoring Indigenous Wellbeing: Winter 2021 Grant Report

Learnings and insights from our grant round, which invested $50,000 in direct support to Indigenous leaders cultivating wellbeing in their communities.

March 6, 2023



Honoring Indigenous Wellbeing: Winter 2021 Grant Report

Investments in Indigenous wellbeing practices are long overdue and critically needed. resurgence and reclaiming of traditional healing practices has been steadily growing, and as a result, we better understand the significance of funding Indigenous led initiatives tailor made for their communities.

As part of our continued commitment to amplify the impactful work of underrepresented leaders in wellness, this winter we granted ten Indigenous wellness leaders $5,000 each in unrestricted funding. These funds support vital initiatives including food sovereignty, language maintenance, and research on land back movements. We believe that the voices of those most marginalized must be centered in the movement towards justice.

In this report, we will share our key themes and findings on challenges Indigenous wellness leaders face in preserving their healing traditions, creative solutions from across the country, and where to invest your support. Enter your information below to download the report.

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