Wellbeing for Disabled Communities: Fall 2021 Grant Report

Learnings and insights from our $50,000 grant round for disabled wellness leaders.

March 15, 2023



Wellbeing for Disabled Communities: Fall 2021 Grant Report

We believe that the voices of those most marginalized must be centered in the movement toward justice. In alignment with our continued commitment to amplifying the impactful work of underrepresented wellness leaders, we granted ten disabled leaders making wellness more accessible for disabled people $5,000 in unrestricted funding. These funds support vital initiatives including digital support, making physical spaces ADA compliancies, and the wellbeing of wellness leaders creating change. This impact report outlines what we learned in the process. Some highlights:

  • Sexual wellbeing is overlooked and underfunded. Many grant requests came from individuals building sex toys, hosting trainings and courses, and creating content that helps disabled people find pleasure, safety and connection in their sex lives.
  • Digital access alone isn't enough. 53% of applicants requested funding for digital support to scale their initiatives, such as increasing accessibility with professional ASL interpretation and CART captioning.
  • Accessible movement isn't retrofitted, but responsive. Many grant requests came from individuals reimagining physical spaces and programming that caters directly to their community instead of relying on ableist norms.

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